Saturday, October 22, 2011

a random 19 month update.

Here he is pointing to his sister's eye... because he is smart. This Lucas of ours is getting so grown up, so fast. He can point to and say almost all parts of his body. He climbs on to anything he should or shouldn't. Starting to resist bath time, throw things, like hard. He loves his sister, but sometimes throws things at her when he's jealous of the attention she's getting (that doesn't go well afterward btw). He likes putting her binky in her mouth when she's crying. When she's cooing or squealing- he'll put his face right up to hers and say in the softest, sweetest, most interested voice, "Hi". When she's laying down on her mat, he'll lay next to her, belly down, and put an arm over her waist and just hold her and lay there.
Lucas has started into the "no" phase. I never realized before this phase of his, how often I ask him questions through out the day.
ie: Okay Lucas, wanna go see the horsy's? no. Clearly, he wants to go see the horsy's- he just loves saying "no", more. So much independence he must feel. He always says it so casually and sweet, too. Like, in passing - no.
He loves hearing airplanes, choo choo trains, tractors, big trucks and motorcycles. My favorite word he says is "cookie" because he just says it so dern cute, like coo-tie, in a really desperate voice, like he'll be heart broken forever if he doesn't get one. He is a ridiculously fast (and cute) runner- like quite possibly faster than me. He is a smart little booger, of course, I think that. He has a shape puzzle and an animal puzzle that he can put together all on his own. He is very spatial. He can get down and get jiggy, too. He loves em a good beat. He's just recently been getting his arms involved, rather than just his legs. It is stinking cute. I'd have to say he dances the best to "Bubbly Toes" by Jack Johnson. He loves animals and can point to 30 or more when you say their name or the sounds they make. He loves making the horsey "neigh" sound. He also loves keys and buttons. If there is a lock to be opened- he's your man. Or a button to push, he will push it so passionately and sincerely...because there are many buttons he is not allowed to push. This boy does not take a button pushing for granted. One of my favorite times with Lucas, is dinner time. He will sit in his high chair and fold his arms, until you notice him, and say the prayer. Then during dinner- he opens up and converses with you in his language that only he understands, with the occasional understandable word. It's mostly him gesturing, smiling, talking with his mouth full, pretending his food is some mode of transportation, and relating that to you in some way. Like you know what he's talking about. One of those- have to be there.
He and Emmie are rock stars of company under 2 years old while running errands. They both do pretty well in their car seats and in stores. Pretty much every day, I ask myself, "how the heck did I luck out twice?" Both babies are good! They have their moments, naturally. But really, they are so portable...and I love it. Lucas does need him a nap, though, or else...
So anyway. I am really loving this mom business. It is amazing, to say the least, to witness these little souls transform and evolve from wittle sweet babies into little people. The whole concept of "growth" really blows my mind. It's too late for me to get all philosophical, but I want to. But I know how stupid I'll sound if I try to expound on my "post 8 o clock" thoughts and rationale, so 'll resist. Suffice it to say. I love my sweet little hearts.

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