Wednesday, December 14, 2011


To say this little one is anything less than perfect, would be an out right lie. okay, so she does cry every now and then. but seriously.... we are in love with her.
she eats well. she loves watching lucas- or any one that is moving. she is scooting her way across rooms. she is sitting up for minutes at a time. cries when she falls over :(. she loves to sleep. she loves eating toys. she plays cars with lucas. she has the cutest frowny smile of any frowny smiler i know. she has the chunkiest thighs of any baby or woman i know;). she has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. she is wrapped around her daddy's finger as well. she squawks and squeals when she's overtired and thinks something is funny. she pants like a puppy dog when excited about something. she is such a sweet heart. she is our little angel, for sure.

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Lisa said...

She's a cutie for sure.